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Welcome to the Connecting Learners site!

Here you will find a list of events, upcoming learning opportunities and all other information relevant to this innovative and worthwhile project that is running until March 2016!

Please feel free to browse the website and contact us for further information.

You may want to fill in the Learning Opportunities form to see what further information you can receive in relation to what you do now or want to do in the future…


What is Connecting Learners?

Connecting Learners (in South and Mid Wales) is a lifelong learning project funded by the Wales Union Learning Fund.  The aim of the Project is to support and compliment work based learning opportunities – with a particular focus on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy.

Why is Connecting Learners needed?

There is an increasing demand on people working in public services.  We are now required to do more – with less…  By improving our skills, we will become more confident in the workplace and this in turn will improve the quality of the service we deliver. A commitment to learning will have a knock-on effect to our service users and will create learning culture in our local communities.  Remember:  “Knowledge is power”…

What will Connecting Learners provide?

  • Confidential information, advice and guidance on learning opportunities
  • Free workshops to support the basic skills of numeracy and literacy
  • Free Essential Skills workshops including:  Communication Skills, Confidence Building & Assertiveness Skills and Basic IT etc
  • Flexible learning options in partnership with the Open University:  Openings courses and the new online Flexi-Learn programme to support personal development
  • Workplace support around learning issues from an experienced network of Union Learning Representatives (ULRs)
  • An opportunity to take part in national learning events such as:  Adult Learners Week, Quick Reads and the Six Book Challenge

Where and when will the workshops take place?

Courses can be flexible – depending on service needs, they can be held in the daytime or evening, inside or outside the workplace.

How much will it cost?

All Connecting Learners workshops are free, and are open to all staff and volunteers – regardless of trade union membership.

Does the training have to be approved by my manager?

If the training is during work hours you will need to gain permission for time off from your manager.

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